Naonori Oshima /大島 尚悟
“Rhapsody O/狂詩作「O」” 2018/03/27 - 2018/04/22 12:00 - 20:00 会期中無休 / DAILY OPEN

大島は2011年の初個展以来、友人や都市の風景など身近なものを被写体として写真作品を発表してきまし た。近年は、自身の写真や雑誌の切り抜きにペイントをしたり、それらの断片を貼り合わせてコラージュする など、表現手法を少しずつ変化させてきました。


Since his first solo exhibition in 2011, Oshima has released photographic works of familiar subjects such as friends and urban landscapes.
In recent years he has begun painting on clippings and fragments of his own photographs and pages from magazines, creating collages by pasting pieces together, changing his means of expression little by little.
In addition to paintings drawn on a larger canvas than he has ever used before, this exhibition includes works incorporating new materials such as air purifiers and vinyl sheets and video works composed of series of pictures and a soundtrack created by superimposing conversations with friends over the hustle and bustle of the city.
As with Oshima’s works so far, these new creations use circular motifs everywhere without any context, but through the chance of their incorporation they become at that moment the improvised expression of Oshima’s emotions and feelings. From this work that is at times both impenetrable yet pop, it seems that a consciousness that is normally suppressed is drawn out by the materials, emerging boldly and lightly.



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